Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 001: "Dream it. Do it. Disney."

Disney College Program: It may only be a wish away.

As Carrie Underwood's song Ever Ever After came on shuffle, I listened carefully to the words. "The world can be yours if you believe in ever ever after..." and that's when I knew. I was going to apply to the Disney College Program!

A magical experience with a paid internship on the side! Working, Living and Learning in one of the happiest places on Earth...DISNEYWORLD. What more could anyone ask for? What more could I ask for? Throughout the year, I've researched this program. Everything seemed too good to be true! What is it exactly?

As mentioned earlier, it's a paid internship!! You work in the parks based on the job that they give you. During the application process, you select three jobs that seem most appealing to you. Then, they try their best to place you in one of those jobs. I chose Costuming, Resort Hopper and Merchandising. My top choice? Costuming or Merchandising. Costuming would be awesome because you get to meet a lot of the Cast Members! And Merchandising would be fun because you'd get to see a lot of the parks. You work from Jan-May with about 32-50 hours a week!! How sweet is that??

They also pay you every week too. On top of that, housing is provided. They take rent from your paycheck which is only about $80 a week. You don't even have to worry about paying for rent! Not only that, the apartments are fully furnished. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! You can choose to live with 2 or up to 7 roommates! To me, that'd be one of the best parts :)))

While working, you have the opportunity to take lecture-type classes based around your major. I have no idea what I want to major in so I'm hoping this will give me a pretty good idea. They offer interesting majors like Hospitality/Tourism and Radio TV and Film. The Radio/TV and Film caught my eye. Once you complete the program, you can apply for a Professional Internship within Disney's major companies like ESPN, Radio Disney and ABC Family and more!! They know all about connections and it looks superb on a resume!
I'm proud to say that I was a Disney kid growing up. I was one of those kids who carried around my 101 Dalmation stuffed animal everywhere I went...I constantly watched the Lion King. I couldn't wait to be Woody from Toy Story for Halloween...yes, I was Woody for Halloween back in the day! But this was wayy before they had Jessie :)))

I'll keep you guys updated on the process :)))))